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Number Porting

What is Number Porting?

With the introduction of our new HLR Lookup APIv2, I would like to take the time to explore one of its new features ‘number porting’ in more detail. Not only is HLR lookup APIv2 bigger, faster, and stronger (we have the technology), but we now provide your business with additional information. One new feature is…

HLR Lookup

What is a HLR Lookup?

This post is part of our beginner blog series that simplifies parts of the mobile phone network. Keep an eye out for other technical posts in our blog. What is a HLR Lookup? HLR Definition HLR stands for Home Location Register. The Home Location Register (HLR) is a database that is hosted by each mobile…


HLR lookup API v2 has dropped

As the champagne corks thump the ceiling and our development team breathe a collective sigh of contented relief, our next-level API goes live.

Telecom Acronyms Glossary

Telecom Acronyms Glossary

We love a good acronym in the telecoms world. Unfortunately, this makes a lot of technology difficult to follow, so we have provided a shortlist of 20 telecoms acronyms you might see when researching HLR lookups. Below is our Telecom Acronyms Glossary. Table of Contents – Telecom Acronyms Glossary API – Application Programming Interface AuC…

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