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Upload telephone numbers in a file or query our powerful API.

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Batch upload
API Processing
Comprehensive verification of mobile subscribers
  • Dependable global mobile number validation.
  • Directly and automatically query over 220 mobile networks worldwide from the centralised HLR Lookup service.
  • Clean your data by removing invalid or ineligible mobile phone records to save time and money.
  • Increase effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns and consistently achieve 98% delivery rates.
  • Ensure all new leads are verified and contactable.
  • Increase call centre agent productivity by only calling users whose mobile phones are turned on and live.
  • Gain access to valuable network and ported information to assist with call routing decisions.
Comprehensive verification of mobile subscribers

The complete HLR Lookup system

Fast Data Cleansing
Upload all your data in one go, in its current format. We'll insert your results alongside your original data, in the same order.
Simple API Integration
Easy to use, easy to understand. Send up to 80 requests in one secure API request and we'll return the results quickly, in a clear format so you can integrate seamlessly.
Top up online
Quickly get back to business using our fully automated topup system.
Schedule batches
Upload your batches and set to run at a suitable time for you. Perfect if you need data as clean as possible at a specific time.
Test and Analyse for free
Sign up is free. Support is Free. Testing is free. We know you don’t know how valuable we are to your business without giving us a try first so all new accounts get free credits.
Eliminate Deduplication
We can store your results for up to 30 days and provide your cached result at no charge. There’s no need to spend time checking your data against previous results.
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