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Small to Medium size enterprises

Successfully maintaining data can be tough and expensive. We’ll take a couple of things off your mind by cleansing your phone data and ensuring you reach the right telephone numbers and people.

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We help big-name brands streamline their customer telephone details. Discover which mobile numbers are in-use and verify your customer contact details through our comprehensive global service.

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No matter what's being sold online, it's vital to hold accurate contact information for your clients. See how HLR Lookup makes this easy.

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Request details on the extensive HLR Lookup system to become one of the official HLR Lookup resellers

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We collaborate with mobile network operators; SMS aggregators and resellers and we’re always looking for new companies to partner with. To become a HLR Lookup official partner, email

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Realtime data. Global coverage for 4 billion mobile subscribers.
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1.2seconds Average Response Speed
4billion Global subscriber reach
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