HTTP Response Codes

v1 / v2

HTTP Response Codes

HTTP Response Codes

Status Code



200 OK

Request processed

See Page - Full API Result - Response Body Format

400 Bad Request

We perceived that you made a request which is not formatted correctly, including:

  • output_format requested but not valid

  • save_to_cache requested but not valid

  • cache_days_private was requested but < 0 or > 30 or not an integer

  • cache_days_global was requested but < 0 or > 30 or not an integer

  • required parameters are missing

  • Parameter given that we don't recognise

  • input_format was not a valid ISO3 country code

Note: HTTP 400 Bad Request does not apply to a badly formatted telephone number

  "error": "BAD_REQUEST",
  "message": "Invalid output_format requested"

429 Too Many Requests

We are currently unable to process your request, please try it again, you have not been charged

  "error": "TOO_MANY_REQUESTS",
  "message": "Please try again later"

401 Unauthorized


  "error": "UNAUTHORIZED",
  "message": "Invalid api_key or api_secret"

500 Internal Server Error

Server has encountered something it does not know how to handle

< no body >

404 Not Found

The request was to an end-point we do not support. Please check you are calling

< no body >