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HLR Lookup should be used before all SMS campaigns.

Choose the number of messages you usually send in your campaigns and the price you pay for your SMS. Adjust the amount of uncontactable numbers you'll find by cleaning your data to see how much you can save

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We've used a fixed HLR cost of £3.50 per thousand HLR lookups however this will vary depending on the volumes purchased therefore calculations should be adjusted accordingly.

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Use Case

One of the most common use of text messaging within a business is for appointment reminders. Each day a large number of SMS are sent to remind people of their upcoming appointment. Lots of these mobile numbers are registered with the organisation a long time before a reminder message is required.

This delay can mean the information held is out of date an irrelevant.

For example 100,000 SMS are sent each Monday morning. The typical cost of an SMS is 4 pence per message regardless if the message is delivered or not.

The cost of the send without performing a HLR Lookup beforehand is £4000.

Alternatively, numbers could be loaded into our bulk upload facility to find out which numbers are Live and able to accept text messages. For 100,000 numbers the results will be available for download around 30 minutes after loading and each number is now flagged with their current status.

If only 60% of the original 100,000 numbers are now Live and contactable then there’s only a need to send a reminder to 60,000 numbers, costing £2400.

This ensures every message sent is delivered, resulting in high response rates and cost savings.

Clients can use our bulk upload service or integrate our API to check their numbers prior to sending their SMS.

A typical cost to HLR 100,000 numbers is £350.

Total coast saving. £4000 - £2400 - £350 = £1,250.

Have a look at the cost saving calculator above to realise the cost savings on different SMS volumes.

In addition to benefiting from a cost saving, clients now know that 40% of their data is out of date and can focus on correcting this for the future.

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