Data Providers

Is your data up to date?

Are all the numbers in your database existing, in the right format and available?

Ensure you have Brilliant Data

By verifying the numbers in your database, you can run more effective campaigns. This means campaigns with better reach, bigger response, lower undelivered rates and higher client satisfaction.

Resell list cleaning

Offer HLR Lookup as a service to your data clients.

With a "data cleanliness report" you can grow sales and move prospects to customers by providing value added services.

Live & Accurate Data

Integrate HLR Lookup into your pipeline to keep your data fresh and accurate with a "checked by HLR Lookup" verification

Data Information

Find out the name of the current and previous network operator that the mobile number belonged to when it was first registered. Check the real-time status, if the number is currently contactable, temporarily unavailable or no longer registered with an operator or deactivated. And finally, the number validity lets you know your mobile numbers are actually mobile numbers.

Intelligent API Integration

We built our API to be fast and robust but simple to integrate into data management platforms, CRM systems and other data applications.

Technical Support

The HLR Lookup team is here to help. Whether you need technical assistance in integrating the CRM or data management system, we like new ideas and anything you need just ask and we’ll see what we can do.

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