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Frequently asked questions

How can I top up my account?

You can do this through your account. Simply select the amount of credits you need, enter your card details and we'll add the credits to your account immediately. 

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How do the credits work?

We’ll remove one credit from your balance with every successful HLR Lookup. If you attempt to check a number which is not supported, which includes landlines outside the USA....

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Who do I contact for purchases larger than 500,000 credits?

Get in touch with our team, who’ll be more than happy to help at or call on +441133910781 9am-5pm Monday to Friday UK Time.

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How do I know if my numbers are mobile numbers, and therefore how much I will be charged?

We automatically reject any non mobile telephone numbers, except for numbers in the USA. Any rejected number is not charged.

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Will I be charged VAT?

If you are located in the European Union then VAT is applicable on all purchases. If you are a EU registered business please add your EU VAT number to your account settings to avoid being charged...

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How long do credits last?

All credits expire 18 months after the purchase date unless otherwise agreed by email. Unused credits will be removed from the account upon expiry.

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