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Status Information

For every valid number processed through the API we’ll return information regarding the current status of that number.

It is this information you can use to determine if your numbers are currently live and contactable.

There are 3 specific fields returned in the Status Information section of your API result that that tell you the current Status.

error_code, error_text and Status are all linked and you can use any of these fields.

For example, anything marked as Live will always be Error Code 1 and Status Delivered

All other Error Texts and Error Codes do not reflect a Live a number and are therefore marked in the Status column as Undelivered

error_code error_text Status Description Credit Removed?
0 Live Delivered Active mobile number Yes
1 Dead Undelivered Number decommissioned by the owning network Yes
5 Inconclusive Undelivered We are unable to retrieve a response from the network for this number Yes
11 No Teleservice Provisioned Undelivered This number is not able to receive calls or SMS messages. This is usually a number relating to a data SIM Yes
27 Absent Subscriber Undelivered There are a number of ways a number can be returned as Absent Subscriber Please see our Absent Subscriber information page for further details. Yes
999 Number Not Supported Undelivered There are a number of reasons a number can be returned as "Number Not Supported" please see our Invalid number page for further details No