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Personal and Global Cache

For every number you check you can first select to utilise our Personal and Global Cache features.

When performing an Instant Check or uploading a batch we’ll ask you to choose your Cache levels when entering your number or uploading your batch. If you are checking you numbers via API you can add your desired Cache levels within the parameters of your request.

Personal Cache:

All of your previous results are stored in your Personal Cache for 30 days.

If you check a number that you have already checked within the time period you have selected upon loading the number into our system, we will just use that previous result and not charge you for it.

This means you can don’t need to de-dupe your files for anything you’ve previously checked with us as we won’t charge you for it a second time.

Utilising this feature does mean that it’s possible to receive information on a number that’s up to 30 days old. To ensure receive real time results for every single request you make you need to set your Personal Cache level to zero.

Global Cache:

All of our clients get the option to add their numbers to the Global Cache.

If you select to utilise this when uploading your numbers and you send us a number that’s already been added to the Global Cache by another client then we’ll just use this result and only charge you half a credit.

As with the Personal Cache this can potentially mean you are receiving a result that’s not in real time, but we’ve restricted the time period for storing number in the Global Cache to be a maximum of 30 days old.

If you need to ensure all of your results are always in real time, ensure your Global Cache level is set to zero.

Default Cache Levels

If the Cache settings you use remain constant, you can set a default amount of days for both your Personal and Global Cache amounts within your account settings.

These settings will be reflected every time your process a single number or upload a batch to save you having to change them every time.

We’ll also use these settings if you make an API request but don’t include any Cache parameters within your API request.

For more information on setting your default Cache see:

Set Default Caching Options

For more information on adding Cache to your API requests see:

Adding Cache Options to your API Call


We never share your results with anyone else unless you specifically tell us it is OK to add your results to the Global Cache. And even then the user needs to also own the same number that you do for the result to be shared.

When all of the Cache settings are set to zero then every single one of your lookups are in real time to the network operator.