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Validator API Response Fields

Validator API response fields. When making a free validator API call using this command:$key&password=$password&msisdn=$msisdn

These are the fields you will see when entering a Valid number.

Field Response
Status Valid
Region Home location
CountryCode The prefix of the entered number
Type The type of the device or service the number belongs to
Country_Name The country of the original network for the entered number
Area If a mobile is identified this will be the country of the original network. If a landline is identifed then we will use the dialling code to identify the area
Original_Network The network operator that the number was originally assigned to


If you enter an Invalid number you will see this error message:

ERR: "Invalid number"


There’s large range of number types that could be returned in the Type response field. You can check the below table for a description  on all possible number types.

Type Response Description
Mobile A phone number for a phone that uses radio waves for transmissions. Also known as Cell Phone
Landline Refers to a number for a phone that uses wires from a fixed location such as in the home or office
Landline or Mobile Applicable when performing a Validator lookup on a number allocated to the North American Numbering Plan (Prefix 1). For more detailed information a full HLR Lookup is required
Pager Numbers allocated to a device that receives and displays numeric and/or receives and announces voice messages
VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol - This allows the delivery of phone calls over the internet
Toll Free Also known as Freephone. This indicates that this number can be called at no cost
Personal Number This number type relates to a virtual telephone number which allows the user to route calls to this number to any other number anywhere in the world
Shared Cost Numbers that are billed to both the caller and the business that utilises them
Premium Rate These numbers cost a higher than normal price to call. They are often linked to organisations where services are provided by making the call. This allows the business providing the numbers to be funded via the calls it receives
Emergency A number that allows the caller to contact the local emergency services
Voicemail Numbers linked exclusively to a voicemail account
Short Code Numbers designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers and are widely used for value-added services
Unknown An invalid phone number that does not fit into any of the above categories