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Invalid Number Response

Invalid number response. If you send an API request for a number that we cannot check we will reject the request and populate your response with the following fields

Parameter What to Expect Format
msisdn The number used in the request String
error_code 999 Integer
error_text Number Not Supported String
status Undelivered String
MCCMNC null Boolean
is_ported null Boolean
is_roaming null Boolean
Note – We do not charge for Rejected numbers.
There’s a few possible reasons why your numbers are rejected.
  • The number does not contain a valid country code
  • The number does not contain a valid number range
  • The number is to short or too long
  • The number is a landline number (exception for North America numbers)
  • We have no coverage for the owning network of the number

This is the JSON Response you will see

type: "",
msisdn: "441133910781",
error_code: 999,
error_text: "Number Not Supported",
status: "Undelivered",
mccmnc: "",
is_ported: null,
is_roaming: null