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How to Validate a single number

We provide a free phone number validation service, giving you a quick way to see if your numbers a real phone numbers.

To use this service navigate to our Single HLR and Validator page. Click on the drop-down arrow to select either to validate or HLR lookup a single number.

Enter your number in the International Format and click the check button.

We’ll quickly validate your number and return the following details.


Header Result
Number Checked The number you entered
Correct Format If the number entered is a possible phone number you will see VALID
Home Country The 2 letter ISO Code for the country the number belongs to
Country Code The 2 digit country code for the country the number belongs to
Number Type The type of the number. For example a Landline or a Mobile

Invalid Numbers

If the number entered is not a possible telephone number, you will see the the following message:


Information. The most common reason a number gets marked as Invalid is failure to enter a valid country code.