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Credits and Billing FAQs

Credits and Billing FAQ'S

How can I top up my account?

You can do this through your account.

Simply select the amount of credits you need, enter your card details and we'll add the credits to your account immediately.

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It’s important I don’t run out of credit as I have your service plugged into my own service, how can I ensure I stay topped up?

You can set up your account to send you an email reminder when your balance drops below a certain level, please go to your account settings to choose the amount you want to drop below to enable the alert email to be triggered.

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Will I be charged VAT?

This depends on where you, or your company are located. You should tell us your location in your account settings as we’ll use this to calculate your VAT requirements.

  • We are located in the UK. We will charge VAT on all invoices raised to companies or individuals also contained within the UK unless you tell us otherwise.
  • If you are located outside of the UK but within the European Union and are VAT registered within your home country then you should provide your VAT number in your personal account settings before purchasing credits through your account. By providing an EU VAT we’ll ensure no VAT is charged on your invoice. It is your responsibility to report your own VAT responsibilities.
  • If you are located outside of the European Union we will not charge any VAT.

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Can I top up my credits through my account and how long will the credits take to show on my account?

Yes, you can navigate to our top up pages to purchase additional credits.


Once the payment has successfully been processed your new credits will be available to use immediately.

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How long do credits last?

All credits expire 18 months after the purchase date, unless otherwise agreed by email.

This means that any unused credits will be removed from the account upon expiry.

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Can I pay with Paypal

We understand using a credit card or organising a bank transfer may not be the most convenient way for you to top up your account. If you would prefer to pay using Paypal please get in touch with us and we’ll send the details over.

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I will need an invoice for my purchase, is this possible?

If you have purchased credits using our online top up facility then an invoice will automatically be generated and can be accessed through the billing section of your account.

If you have made a payment by bank transfer we will have already sent you an invoice containing our bank details which you can use for your records.

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How do the credits work?

We’ll remove one credit from your account for every successful HLR Lookup.

We won’t remove a credit from your account if you check an invalid mobile number. This could be a number that’s too short or too long, a number that doesn’t contain a valid country code or network prefix or a number belonging to a network where we don’t have any coverage.

With the exception of numbers that are part of the North American Numbering Plan we cannot perform a HLR Lookup on Landline, VoIP or Pager numbers. Any numbers of these types will not be charged for. All numbers on the North American Numbering Plan, with a prefix of ‘1’ will be charged for with the removal of 1 credit.

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Can I have some free credits?

Yes, of course.

If you would like to test our service before purchasing any credits please email raise a ticket, or find us on our live chat and we’ll load some free credits onto your account as soon as we can.

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Can my account be topped up automatically?

We’re working on a new feature which allows clients to add credits to their account automatically when their balance drops below a certain level.

We understand it’s not always possible to keep close eye on your usage and the problems that running out of credits can create. With the auto top up feature, this should never happen. If you think you would benefit from this feature please let us know and we’ll make sure to let you know when it’s ready to go.

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What is the beenfit of using the Cache?

If you happen to check the same number that you have previously checked within 30 days and you are happy to just use the older result, then we won’t charge you for it. Just makes sure you have your Personal Cache levels set to 30 days (or whatever level you decide) and we’ll check the uploaded numbers against any you have previously uploaded first.

If you happen to check the same number as one of our other clients and they have allowed their results to be stored in the Global Cache then we’ll just give you that result and only charge you half a credit.

If any other client uploads a number you have already had a result for then we will just give them that result and reward your account with half a credit.

Just be aware that this means if the result is found in either the Personal or the Global Cache then we are not making a live real time lookup to the network operator so your results could be be slightly out of date (if the status of the number has changed within that time period).

We never share your results with anyone else unless you specifically tell us it is OK to add your results to the Global Cache. And even then the user needs to also own the same number that you do for the result to be shared.

When all of the Cache settings are set to zero then every single one of your lookups are in real time to the network operator.

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How do I purchase more than 500,000 credits?

Please get in touch with our team and we’ll organise this for you. We’ll need a few details to include on the invoice and we’ll send this straight over.

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