Knowledge Base

Account Control

Accounts are free and quick to create.

To create a new account go to and click the button to take you to the portal.

Look for the Register button and enter your details.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Repeat Password
  • Country
  • Company Name (if you have one)

Once signed up we’ll send you a verification email with a link to verify your account, please check your email and click the link provided.

New accounts receive 200 free credits to allow you to test the service and analyse the results we return – If you don’t receive your free credits automatically just let us know HERE and we’ll get them added straight away.

Try not to use the special characters & and # in your password as your password is also required when using the API. Using an & or # can cause issues with your API integration.


To login to an existing account, simply click the button from any page while navigating the site.
This will take you to the HLR Lookup Portal where you will be asked to enter your Email Address and Password


Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your Password you will need to reset it and create a new one.

To reset, please go to the Login pages and click the Forgot email / password? link.


Enter your Email Address and we’ll send you a new Password for you to use the next time you try to log in.

We strongly advise you head to your account settings once logged in to set your own new Password.

Please note HLR Lookup does not store your Passwords. If you do forget your Password you will need to reset.

Change your Email Address or Password

Please be advised that emails are used to log into your account AND for any alert emails you may have set up – such as low credit alerts.

If you change your Email Address any alerts will go to the new address.

Passwords are used in your API calls so any changes here could cause issues with your API requests if not also changed in your API request call.

To change your Email Address or Password login to your account and click on the account settings link.

You can change your Email Address under contact details and use the Change Password button for your Password.