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Batch Response Parameters

Batch response parameters. The following is a list of all the parameters provided in your batch results. This is what you will see in every column when you download your results CSV.

Default Columns:

Here are the default headers you will see in your results file. If you don’t edit any of the headers expect to see the following columns in this order.

What to Expect
The number sent to the HLR for checking
Delivered, Undelivered or Rejected
Error Code
Check the Error Text Descriptions page for further details Each Error Code directly relates to the Error Text column and idicates the current status of the entered number
Error Text
This shows the current status for the number entered For a more detailed description see our Error Text descriptions page
Original Network
The name of the originating network
Current Network
The name of the network the number currently belongs to Only supplied on LIVE numbers
Current Country
Home country of the Current Network for this number Only supplied on LIVE numbers
Roaming Country
The name of the country the number is roaming in Only supplied on LIVE numbers
Valid mobile numbers will be marked with Mobile. Different rules apply for North America See our North America rules pages for further information
Date Checked
The time and date the number was processed

Optional Columns:

You can add the following fields to your results files from your Account Settings.

Scroll to the CSV Generation section to add or remove the fields you require.

Valid Number
Expect TRUE or blank This will only be populated with true if the number sent for checking is a valid number
Original Country
Country of the Original Network for this number
Original Country Code
The Country Code of the location of the Original Network You can get details of Country Codes by using our Coverage Checker page
Mobile Network Code and Mobile Country Code For Live numbers the current MCCMNC will be given. For Absent Subscribers / Dead / No Teleservice Provisioned and Inconclusive results the MCCMNC of the Original network will be given
Current Country Code
The country code of the location of the Current Network Only supplied on LIVE numbers
Is Roaming
Expect TRUE or FALSE Indicates if the number is currently roaming outside of it's home location - Not available for every network.