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API Error List

API error list. If there is something wrong with your API request we’ll return one of the following errors.

We’ve listed the reasons for these errors to help you identify and fix the issue.

This is how your API request should look:$key&password=$password&msisdn=$msisdn

Don’t forget to replace¬†$key, $password¬†and $msisdn with your own details.

Error Reason
{"ERR":"Could not authenticate"} Invalid Key or Password
{"ERR":"Unknown request type"} Incorrect address. Usually means /hlr is missing or incorrect
{"ERR":"MSISDN must be set"} MSISDN= parameter missing from the request or MSISDN= contains an error
{"ERR":"Too many requests"} More than 80 numbers included in one request
{"ERR":"Insufficient credits"} Insufficient credit to perform the HLR Lookup
{"ERR":"Internal error"} Database error
{"ERR":"Request timed out"} The reporting network took over 10 seconds to respond
{"ERR":"Invalid API key"} apikey= parameter missing from the request or apikey= contains an error
{"ERR":"Invalid password"} Password= parameter missing from the request