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Absent Subscriber Response

If your status information returns that the number isĀ Absent Subscriber then there are a number of possible reasons for this.

  1. Phone is turned off and a call is made to the number.
    > When an attempt to connect to a number that is turned off, has no signal or in Airplane mode then the HLR will be updated to an Absent Subscriber status to reflect that calls cannot currently connect or SMS cannot be delivered. When the handset is turned back on it will connect to a Cell Tower and the HLR will be updated.
  2. A prolonged period of inactivity on the number.
    > Each network operator has different thresholds when updating the HLR database to show a mobile number as Absent. Typically if a number has not been turned on in a handset for longer than 4 days then it will be deemed as Absent and a HLR Lookup will reflect this.
  3. The number has been allocated to a SIM card but has not yet been connected.
    > For example a phone number that is still in a shop waiting to be sold.