Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What countries do you have HLR coverage for?

We aim to provide worldwide coverage, however some networks impose restrictions on the information we can retrieve. Please check our coverage checker

Q: How do I know which numbers are turned on and in use?

All numbers currently turned on in a handset are flagged as "LIVE", with an Error Code of "0" and a Status of "Delivered".

Q: Why am I getting 'REJECTED' responses in my HLR output file?

If you try to process an invalid mobile number we will return a REJECTED response and no credits will be removed from your account. There are a number of reasons why a number may get rejected. For example the number may be too long or too short, your number is not preceded by the country code it belongs to or you are simply trying a number that does not exist anywhere in the world. You can use our Global Dialplan Validator to check the validity of your number before sending for HLR processing.

Q: Do I still get charged for 'Dead' results?

Yes, you are charged for all results, except for REJECTED (see above) and TIMEOUT. This is because we still have to perform a HLR lookup to obtain the status of a handset, regardless of the outcome.

Q: How does the shared cache work?

If you choose to use the shared cache, any checks that match the MSISDN you are checking which have been made by other users within the time-frame you specify (max. 30 days) are used instead of performing a fresh HLR check. Rather than charging you a full credit for the check we charge you 0.5 credits, and the user who originally performed the check will receive 0.25 credits for your use of their cached results.

Q: How does the personal cache work?

The personal cache works similarly to the shared cache, except it works only for results that you have made, not other users. If a result is obtained from your personal cache, you will not be charged to re-use it. Nobody else can use your personal results unless you select 'save to shared cache' when making an HLR request.

Q: What happens to my results after 31 days?

Your results are stored in our system for 31 days, after which time they will be automatically transferred to our secure archives which are not publically accessible.

Q: What if I don't want anybody else to use my results?

If you prefer to keep your results private simply set 'save to shared cache' to off when performing a check. This will ensure that any results we receive for that batch or instant check will be flagged as private and will not be visible to other users.

Q: I've run out of credit, what do I do?

You can top-up at any time from here or you can email your request to If you'd prefer to talk to us in person and arrange a top-up please don't hesitate to call us on (44)113 3910781.

Q: What happens if I need support?

You can create a support ticket through our ticket system that will be answered quickly by our dedicated support team. To create a new ticket click here.

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