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txtNation provide a HLR lookup API and software to data clense numbers.

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About HLR Lookup services

HLR showcases all the features, benefits and costs of using HLR Look up for businesses. It also contains a free eBook for downloading.

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Mobile Number Portability has increased in popularity over recent years. Number porting allows mobile phone subscribers to change to a different mobile network, whilst keeping their original phone number. This of course means the delivery of SMS Bulk messages is more critical.


Reduce costs with good HLR lookup services

All' Mobile Number Query' based Service providers should offer you the ability to check your own contacts list and remove un-required numbers before your bulk SMS messages. Read more on how HLR Look up works?

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A successful and good measure of a Mobile Number Lookup service helps you send a "query" across HLR and IMSI databases and receive the following information (listed below). Read more on HLR Lookup advantages.

  • Is the number working? - this checks if the number is available for a ping. Phone contract has ended.
  • What is the subscribers mobile network? - including number porting, checking what network the user is on.
  • Is the mobile subscriber roaming? - are they in the country or in different location.